Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads. The spread is common feature in books and materials for beginner tarot card readers. It allows for in-depth exploration of a situation, advice and insight. The problem, is that new tarot readers haven’t yet learned the skills needed to understand and benefit from what the spread has to offer and they give in to the intimidation.

The rewards are sweet for the reader who commits to really learning and understanding the spread. Once you understand the patterns and the nuances, the ability to bring clarity to a situation that is frustrating you is empowering.

Celtic Cross Meaning and Positions

The Celtic Cross Position Meanings.

Card 1: This is you. What is happening to the seeker, right now. It shows how the situation is being perceived from  the seeker’s point of view.

Card 2: This crosses you. This is what is working against the seeker. This will describe the challenges that are slowing you down or hindering you in this situation. If you like to read with reversals, This card is read in the upright position, regardless of how it lands.

Card 3. This crowns you. This is what is top of mind. This is the forefront of your thoughts. What are your goals, what are you working on consciously to achieve?

Card 4: This is beneath you. This is the foundation of the situation. It will bring to light unconscious influences within the seeker. 

Card 5: This is behind you. recent events that are affecting the situation.


Card 6: This is before you What will likely occur in the upcoming weeks if no changes are made. If efforts to resolve the obstacle are successful, these events may be avoided. 

Card 7: Your attitude. This card takes into account your actions according to the situation and offers advice on your attitude. Is your negative attitude affecting the situation negatively?

Card 8: People influencing you and the situation. The energies, attitudes and actions of the people around you that are affecting you or the situation.

Card 9: Your hopes and fears. This card will help articulate things you might want to avoid or wishful thinking that is affecting the situation.

Card 10: Outcome. How the situation will be resolved. 


celtic cross tarot spread


How to Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Lay the cards out in the order described above.

  1. Read the 1st card and the 2nd card together. This is important to understand the tone of the reading. Think about what obstacles the 2nd card could represent, and once you’ve articulated that, think about how it could work against the 1st card.
  2. Read a timeline in the reading. Start with the 5th card representing the past, then the present (cards 1 &2), and then the future, read in card #6.
  3. Connect card 3 and 4 to the present and decide if these cards are working together or are working against each other. If the messages are conflicting than this means your conscience and subconscious are not aligned and need to be adjusted.
  4. Review and reflect on cards 7 and 8. Understand how the people and energies around you are helping you or working against you.
  5. If the projected outcome card #10 is undesirable than work with cards to see what can be changed now, and what action you can take, to change the course of events to change the outcome.

Next Steps: The Journal

The information in the spread is intertwined and complex. Some hints and details may be easily forgotten. Recording the reading in your journal is the best way to grow and learn from what the tarot is conveying about every situation.


Do you use the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread? What do you feel is the most insightful part of the reading? Let me know in the comments below!


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