The Two of Wands – Tarot Card Meaning

two of wands

The Two of Wands is about focusing on a goal only you can see or envision – for now. 

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Important Symbols and things to note

The orb

The color red

The outside landscape

Numerology Associations

The number 2: Reflection, nurturing, feelings, choices


Tarot Card Meaning – What Does the Two of Wands Mean?

General Upright Interpretation

The Two of Wands is about channeling your energy and the ability to focus that energy into a clearly defined goal. This card builds on the raw motivation we see from the suit of Wands and it translates the core essence of the inspiration aspect of the suit from an idea into a firm and confident course of action.

Other people around you may not see what the end goal is, but that doesn’t matter because you do, and you see the clear path forward and the completed work resulting from it.

When you see this card come up in a reading, it is

  • encouraging you to make the decision and move forward
  • it is describing a decision that you made to put yourself forward and do the work that is needed to achieve this goal.
  • encouragement for you to keep moving forward even if this means moving outside of your comfort zone.

In a position of advice, it advises you to look at the long-term game and long-term payoffs of what it is that you are doing.

Two important concepts to note about this card:

This card discusses and looks at inspiration and motivation to act. Because this card means that a decision was made and the path to move forward is clear, we need to understand the assumption that for a decision to be made, there had to have been the choice of two options put forward.

Also, this card isn’t a card of action. While it channels focus and ability, the mood and the essence of the card are more about what happens internally. It is grounded in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls, when we can perceive a goal and manifest it. We want to discuss what is happening internally, the inner reflection and knowing internally of your ability to make what you want to happen a reality. The focus is on the individual’s knowledge and confidence to do what has to be done, rather than the physical actions or output that will ultimately happen externally.

General Reversed Interpretation

Th reversed interpretation of the Two of Wands means that even though you have the long-term goal figured out, the path to getting to it isn’t clear.

You might be able to see what the end result looks like, you don’t know how to get there, or the path in front of you isn’t as clear as it could be.

What’s confusing the path in front of you could be

  • your insecurities.
  • the planning you put forward it could be that it’s too risky.
  • you are scared and are hindered by fear.
  • a new perspective

Alternatively, this card reversed could mean that you’ve lost sight of the goal, and that there is in clarity in that respect.

Not using the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck?

Just because you’re not using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, doesn’t mean you can’t use the resources on this site to help you.

Take some time to look at the imagery on your card. Here are some things to consider in addition to other materials you have to help you connect with the deck you are using if your deck is different than the one featured at the top of the page.

  1. How is focus being represented in the card (instead of the concentrated look into the orb)?
  2. How is the color red used in the card?
  3. How is the feeling of inspiration coming through to you?

Journaling Prompts for the Two of Wands

  1. What long-term goals have you defined for yourself?
  2. What are you planning to accomplish?
  3. When did you know that this is what you needed to do?

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