“I Need Advice!” Advice Tarot Card Spread

This is an excellent advice tarot spread that I’ve had for a while, and use regularly in card readings for other people. I rely on it so much because if the empowerment that it gives to the seeker. This advice card spread only has 5 cards but it’s not short and can be built up to be quite complex.

This article covers:

  1. Description of the “I Need Advice” Tarot Card Spread
  2. Breakdown of each card position
  3. Spread Conclusions
  4. If you feel you need a quick refresh on How to Read Tarot Cards by clicking here
  5. If you’d like to find a different Tarot Card Spread, click here.

Let’s get into it!

Advice Tarot Card Spread

Position 1: You. As you are.

This is an important card for you to reflect on. What is your current state of mind (swords)? Are your emotions weighing too much on the situation (cups)? Understanding where you are in the situation and making sure you are not misleading yourself is important. Have you drawn a Ten of Pentacles (feeling complete, whole or satisfying after working hard to get to that point),or the Queen of Swords Reversed (upset, deceitful)or the Five of Cups ( regrets, fear, moving on)?

If you or the seeker is approaching the reading with a sense of anger, or frustration or regret, it’s important to identify these so that the rest of the cards are all connected back to this state of mind.

Remember, you are the one using the “I Need Advice” Tarot Card Spread,
not the other people involved in the situation.

Position 2. Are you on the correct path?

Some cards in this position are easy to interpret. The Chariot for example or even any of the Aces would be welcome in confirming an individual’s progress on their path. But imagine how much more powerful the card would be if you understood fully your current state of mind and actual position in this situation.

For example, you draw a Queen of Swords Reversed as the first card, and then you draw The Chariot as the second. So, “are you on the correct path?” Well, yes. The Chariot confirms this, but if whatever is behind the Queen of Swords Reversed isn’t resolved, this will work against the movement, power, and direction of the Chariot, sabotaging the progress and you might lose sight of the goal.

Position 3. What is the main obstacle? & Position 4. What is helping you?

Most likely, the cards won’t direct and spell out for what the obstacles and helping forces are. Use the card’s interpretations as descriptors to identify your main obstacle and what you can use to help you.

Position 5. What progress can be made?

I have the most fun with this card (as a tarot geek) in this tarot card spread.

A) Interpret the card. derive whatever meaning you can from it.

B) Take this card, and interpret it as a combination with Card #3, and then Card #4. What you are looking for are common threads and similar lines of meaning to help minimize Card #3, and maximize Card #4.

C) Take Card #5,  and interpret it in combination with card #2, to see how you can continue on the right path.

D) If the first card was not what you wanted to see and suggested a negative attitude, I would suggest exploring Card#5 with Card #1, especially if the first card highlights attributes that are coming through and limiting your ability for growth.

Advice Tarot Card Spread

“I Need Advice!” Advice Tarot Card Spread

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