Horseshoe Spread

This spread is a very useful alternative to for those that feel the Celtic Cross spread too big or difficult. The situation can be examined at length here,  and the spread can be used to look at almost any situation.

Horseshoe Spread Position Meanings

1. Past Influences. What past events or occurrences are affecting the situation right now?

2. Present Circumstances. What is affecting the situation now? 

3 Upcoming influences. This will happen in the upcoming days and weeks and it will affect the outcome.

4. Best Course of Action. Direct advice to help you take action. 
5. The Attitude of Others. Energy and influences from other people that are affecting the situation. 
6. Possible Obstacles. What is hindering or stopping your progress. 
7. Final Outcome. This will be the outcome or result of the situation, assuming nothing changes. 


How to read the Horseshoe Spread

  1. Understand cards #1, #2 and #3 as a fluid story. Once you build the flow and understand the energies moving from card 1 through card 2 and then to card 3, it will be much easier to understand and apply the advice offered in card #4.
  2. Isolate card #4 and really map out an action plan from it.
  3. Consider cards 5 and 6 together. Are the people and influences around you contributing to the obstacles facing you or are they helping you get through them.
  4. If the final outcome is undesireable, understand this card’s relationship with card #4 to work on changing the outcome.

Next Steps: The Journal

The information in the spread is intertwined and complex. Some hints and details may be easily forgotten. Recording the reading in your journal is the best way to grow and  learn from what the tarot is conveying about every situation.

Do you use the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread? What do you feel is the most insightful part of the reading?