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What to learn the cards, and understand how the messages present in your life? 
Take advantage of my years of studying tarot with this easy-to-follow email course!
I’ll show you my tips and tricks to help you gain confidence with your deck. 
  • Develop a bond with the cards you never thought possible!
  • Get easy breakdowns that describe the suits, the court cards, the importance of numbers, and much more!
  • Decode the secrets in tarot spreads and car placement in divinatory meanings. 

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|  fit tarot into your busy life with bite-sized lessons  |

Each installment builds on the last, so the delay will give you enough time before the next one is delivered.
Practice techniques on your own time, and pick and choose the right one for you!

|  a new sense of mindfulness  |

Recognize the archetype patterns in the Tarot and as they presented themselves repeatedly in our everyday lives. 

 |  connection & balance  |

See all sides of your personal situations, and feel more grounded in your daily life.
Be more confident in your decisions, and confident in your abilities. 




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