Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Number: 5

Planet: Taurus

Hebrew Letter: Vau


Important Symbols:

  • Formal background setting
  • To show balance between conscious and subconscious minds: keys crossed
  • Entry into institutions: kneeling initiates.

The Hierophant resides in a temple quite different from the high priestess, as he represents the external power of the application of doctrine. He is robed and is portrayed with worshipers praying. He is surrounded by the symbols and expressions of a spiritual philosophy that is communicated to us through written text, lecture or service. Connecting with the Heirophant is really interesting. To some, this card might represent the religion of our childhood, or It might represent a new doctrine or beliefs we adopt as adults. What the Heirophant teaches is very much the tools we use to find our inner High Priestess.

Interpretation prompts for the Hierophant:

Accepting a belief system, adhering to a religious tradition and being disciplined.

Falling in line with an organized group, giving to it and feeling loyal to it.

Asking questions, learning and acquiring a deeper understanding of individual topics and the world around you.