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When looking to order a Tarot Reader online, the most important quality is the reader. Find someone you trust, and you will fully reap the benefits that a tarot reading has to offer.

Book a Tarot Reading with Tiffany

I love reading the cards and helping others gain clarity and insight through the Tarot. Many aspects of life, love career and money can be confusing and frustrating. My passion is to help bring others to a calm place of mind, where we can reflect on goals and make a plan based on CLARITY, INFORMATION, and INSIGHT.

I look forward to working with you, and using my skills and knowledge to empower you and your choices.  – Tiffany

What do I need to focus on in my career right now?
How can I express myself creatively this week?
What talent do I have that I need to use more?
What part of myself am I ignoring/denying right now?
What is influencing my  love-life the most right now?

I offer one-on-one Tarot Readings via email and over the phone.

Email Readings

I consult my Tarot deck after receiving your question. You will receive a detailed response to your question with 48 hours.


One Question Tarot Card Reading – $35.00 USD

20160823_105608This is a 3-5 card reading that can help answer your question. I will perform the reading
for you, describe the card meanings and relay the messages they convey when grouped together.

I will explain important past events, important numbers, meddling or helpful external influences and more.

I will send you a
1) typed up PDF copy of your reading + a photo of your cards sent to your email address.
2) MP4 recording of me reading your cards.

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Full Tarot Card Reading – $70.00 USD

Image of Full Tarot Card Reading

This is an 8-11 card reading that can help get you clarity on your life, love, career, finances, choices and more.

This option shows all facets of your situation, and is useful if you are interested in general information or if you a general inquiry.

These are my favorite readings to do, because it allows for collaboration and in-depth analysis.

You get a:
1) typed up PDF copy of your reading + a photo of your cards sent to your email address.
2) MP4 recording as I read the cards.

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