3 Card Tarot Spread – Birth, Life, Death

The three-card spread about birth, life, and death offers a framework to explore these profound themes and gain deeper insights into your own life journey.

Why use this 3 Card Tarot Spread – Birth, Life, Death?

  • Gain Understanding of Life’s Cyclical Nature: The birth, life, and death cycle is a fundamental aspect of existence.
  • Reflect on Transitions and Changes because each stage represents a significant transition. Get guidance on how to navigate changes, embrace new beginnings, make the most of the present, and find peace in the face of endings.
  • Explore Personal Transformation: Your cards may reveal insights into the qualities you possess or need to cultivate during each phase. This self-awareness can empower you to harness your strengths and work on areas that may require attention.
  • Contemplate Life’s Purpose: reflect on your life’s purpose, aligning your actions and choices with a deeper sense of meaning.
  • Find Comfort in the Unknown: we don’t know what comes with death, but exploring possibilities and what comes of them is reassuring to some people…and may be reassuring to you.

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