Using Tarot to Improve Your Love Life.

Inquiries about love and relationships remain the most popular among those seeking help with tarot. The following post is tarot work for your to explore and bring clarity to your love life.

Understanding how the tarot can help you is the first step to making the right choices and work on improvements your love life. Pull out your Tarot Journal, and let’s get to work.

Shuffle your cards well, and spread them out in front you face down.

A. Love starts with Me, Myself, and I.How to use Tarot to improve your love life

Perform a one card reading for yourself, to understand what role you play in your relationships. Success and failures in relationships are never entirely the fault of
one party. Be open to all that you bring forward in relationships.

  1. Rub your hands together, hard enough to generate heat. Concentrate on “Who am I in my romantic relationship?”
  2. When you are ready, move your hands over the deck and select one card.
  3. What impressions do you have of this card? What are the traditional interpretations of the card? Take note of this. This card represents the role you play in relationships.







B. Understanding Your Partner.

Now it’s time to change your focus, and put your thoughts towards your partner. If you are not in a relationship, focus on your desire for a future partner.

  1. Rub your hands together again, hard enough to generate heat. Choose one card focusing on your current or potential partner.
  2. Note your impressions of this card, as well as the traditional interpretations.

C. Take Time to Understand the Energies of Both Cards.

Set this card next to the card you drew for yourself. How do they compliment each other? How do they conflict with each other? What can they learn from each other?


D. It’s Time to Understand How to Move Forward.

Taking ownership of your role and your responsibilities in a relationship is key. When you are ready, let’s address what we need to own ourselves to be a healthy and strong partner.

  1. Rub your hands together, hard enough to generate heat. Ask yourself “What qualities do I need to nurture and develop for myself?” while you draw 3 cards.
  2. Concentrate on the meaning of each card, and discover what advice each card has for you. These cards are telling you what qualities and skills you need to foster for yourself. These are aspects that a partner will not be able to fulfill for you.
  3. Create three action plans based on each card. What will you do to nurture and develop these qualities? Be specific!
  4. Rub your hands together over the cards, and ask yourself “What do I require to feel fulfilled in a loving relationship?” while you draw a single card. This card will show you what you need in a relationship. Use the other cards chosen to understand how this can be implemented in your life.

How do you use tarot to provide insight in your life? Did this exercise help you discover something about yourself? Share in the comments below!



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Using Tarot to Improve Your Love Life
A step-by-step guide on consulting your tarot or oracle deck to reflect on your love life.
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