Another Turn of the Wheel of Fortune to 2019

2019. Can you believe it? 

I’m sure this time last year you caught yourself in similar thoughts – looking at the number 2018 in wonder. 

2018 brought us so many surprises. So much joy, so much pain, so much divisiveness, so many reasons to come together. 

It’s such a profound feeling, because the more we see of the world, the more we understand the weight that possibilities hold. 

2019 has the potential to be the best year to some, and the absolute worst for others. It could forever be associated with an important milestone or personal event.

This new year could potentially be a blip. A year that passes with no notable changes, improvements, learning opportunities to individuals blissfully rolling in their routine. 

I have a problem…

I realized a few months ago that I have a problem finishing things. 
I get so excited with new projects, news all the time. Starting something new is always so exhilarating. 

It’s a similar feeling to the start of a New Year:

  • What wonderful collection of words thoughts and doodles could fill up a brand new journal?
  • What could I accomplish by completing an incredible course that I found? 
  • How amazing would be if I created (fill in the blank). 

Starting things is exciting. But finishing them is an experience that often times eludes me. 

A commitment for 2019

This year, I decided to give myself permission to turn down new opportunities. 

This will be hard, because I consider opportunities to be sacred. Like money, opportunity doesn’t grow on trees. We need to see them, value them, and work hard for everything that comes our way. 

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten really good at spotting and seeing these gifts, but to make time for them, an opportunity seized months ago goes unfinished. I realized there was no point in being alert and catching these opportunities if I’m not bringing old ones to completion. 

My own permission slip

I am giving myself PERMISSION to let opportunities pass me by in 2019 in favor of finishing projects and would otherwise suffer if I took on more work/projects. 

The card I have selected to represent what I want to achieve is the 10 of Wands. 

The 10 of Wands represents the last push of hard work. Acknowledging what needs to be down and committing to seeing it through. 


I have a list of big projects that need to get done, opportunities offered to me that I need to capitalize on. 

Do you need to give yourself permission?

Do you happen to feel the same way? 
That you need to do something completely different for your overall benefit and well-being? 

Making this decision is tough – trust me, I know. I case you need it, here, I have something for you:

Start thinking about helping yourself in 2019

If I’ve inspired you to select a word or card as your theme for the year, please let me know! I’d love to hear what direction you are moving in for the upcoming year.