Accurate AF Tarot

Deck Name: Accurate AF Tarot
Artist: Paige McLeod
Deck Structure: The full 78 Cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.
Minor Arcana Suits: Cups, Swords, Wands, Rings
Dimensions: 4-inch circular cards

Card Stock: 350GSM cardstock, matte laminated with gold foil edges.

Where to get it: visit the official shop 

Accurate AF Tarot Deck Review

Confidence is the word of the day and this tarot deck doesn’t make any promises apart from offering accurate readings.

Tarot card readers who know what they are doing will often hear comments about the accuracy of their abilities.

The first thing you notice about these cards is that they are round and shape, not the traditional rectangular shape you would see from playing cards or other tarot decks.

The designs on the cards are black-lined hand-drawn illustrations on white background. Colors and textures were then added to enhance symbolism and guide focus in the image. I love their minimal but strategic use of color in muted and metallic tones.

The name of the card, the number, and keywords describing the upright and reversed meanings are written around the edges.

accurate af tarot spread
This is the Ace of Wands and you can see the title of the card at the very top. Keywords are written around the round edges for upright and reversed position.

Recommendations for the Accurate AF Tarot

My recommendation would be to invite any beginner tarot reader to play with this deck. The adjustment to reading round cards is not difficult.

I would not recommend this deck to anyone who is sensitive or looking to avoid male or female nudity.

Frequently asked questions about the Accurate AF Tarot

Question: How do you decide that a card is reversed?

When laying out the cards, the position of the name of the card determines if the card is meant to be read in the upright or reversed positions. It is all explained here.

How would I describe this deck in three words?
Sassy, original, and “accuate af”!

Where can we get this deck

This deck is now available for on the official Accurate AF Website!

Visit the official shop