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Foundations of Tarot

Foundations of Tarot

The tarot deck is comprised of multiple cards, grouped and numbered, each addressing or speaking to different areas of our lives.

Here is a brief introduction to your tarot deck.

78 cards, divided into 5 groups.

22 Major Arcana Cards

14 Minor Arcana: Wands

14 Minor Arcana: Cups

14 Minor Arcana: Swords

14 Minor Arcana: Pentacles

Major Arcana

Think of Major Arcana as major stopping points in our journey through life. It is stages or important milestones we experience in our lives that shape us as individuals. These cards are specifically powerful because they each embody an entire unique philosophical and psychological idea that is the basis for many meditation and visualization exercises.

These cards are the most decorated, and have more symbolic details in each card. This is because they hold the keys to life lessons we all need to learn, and form the path to our own individual spiritual self awareness.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana represent our day to day lives and influences. These can be overwhelming attitudes or moods that direct our relationships or decisions making. The images on the cards of the Minor Arcana are meant to inspire raw reactions.

The cards of each suit are numbered Ace through 10 and these depict everyday life situations. These are practical influences that are temporary. They come and go, and resolving the problems depicted in these cards are much easier than the Major Arcana cards.

Then there are four Court Cards, the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King that reflect an actual aspect of our personality, or can actually represent actual people who display or embody certain characteristics.

Each suit deals with different areas of our lives:

Wands is our ability to motivate ourselves. It speaks to our creativity, our inspirations and how we use energy.

Cups is our emotions and how our feelings and attitudes affect us.

Swords is our mental capacities. Our thoughts, our use of power and cognitive abilities.

Pentacles is very specifically money and material stability.


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