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Resources to help you learn Tarot:

  • Learn Tarot; Where to Start for Free: learn the basics, including the structure and systems of your tarot deck
  • Explore these Tarot How-tos, to help you get comfortable with your deck, and gain confidence while consulting the cards.
  • Be inspired by the blog in continuing your self-development as you continue on your journey.

Learn the secrets of Tarot and use them to your advantage! Access How-to Guides & explore common Tarot practices.


The first thing we all want to be able to do when we first get our hands on a tarot deck is to understand the messages and extract the important lessons we need to learn in our lives from the cards. There are multiple ways of getting to that point, and they all take work. It’s not hard, and the journey is well worth the destination.

Click here for tips on picking tarot decks and free online resources to get started!

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About Tiffany

…Well! I’m Tiffany, I’m a Virgo and I picked up my first deck at 16 Tiffany Joseph Reading Tarotyears old. I briefly lost my connection with my deck in my early twenties, and gained profound personal insight when I reconnected with them.

My Wandering Fool was created because I felt that there were resources lacking for casual and private Tarot Readers. After learning the basics, it isn’t easy to find what to do next!

I hope to inspire everyone curious to pick up a deck, and experience of benefits of Tarot, without them feeling like they need to tell the world, or start selling readings. There are so many people who use Tarot as a part of their private spiritual journey who deserve support as well!

I love to travel (my deck comes with me!), and escape the harsh Canadian winters of my hometown.

A growing collection of original and classic tarot card spreads for personal and professional use.

Access a full library of interpretations, and deepen your personal meanings for each tarot card.