Light & Love Tarot Reading Marathon – September 21st 2018.

This year I will be at the The Inaugural Light & Love Tarot Reading Marathon and I could not be more excited!

Friday September 21st 2018.
The Crowley Arts Centre
5325 Crowley Ave, Montreal, Canada, H4A 2C6

This is a one day event, starting at 1:00pm and going straight to the end of the evening:
-Tarot Workshops (1pm-4:15pm)
-Free Tarot Readings (5pm-6:30pm)
-Tarot Conference Presentations (7pm-11:30pm)

I’m especially excited because this event is bringing together some great members of the tarot community that I really want to meet! Take a look at your bookshelf, if you own tarot books, chances are high one of the following women wrote it!

Speakers attending the event

Rachel Pollack

Rachel Grace Pollack is an expert of divinatory tarot and has written a library of books and materials on the subject. She is also a science fiction author and comic book writer. She is a fierce advocate in the women’s spirituality movement.

Rachel will be speaking at the conference, and will give a talk called What Is The Tarot For? She will explain and discuss how Tarot can be used as a tool of self-reflection and development, not just for fortune telling.

Mary K Greer

Mary K Greer is a Tarot Grandmaster and an Arch Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis. She is featured at Tarot conferences and symposia around the world, is active in Internet discussion groups, and directs Tools and Rites of Transformation (TAROT), an educational center for the study of divination, women’s mysteries, and the transformative arts.

Mary will speak at the conference and give a talk called Jung’s Active Imagination and the Tarot discussing Carl Jung’s work and it’s connection to Tarot.



Special Guests:
-Katrina Wynne
Kate (Daily Tarot Girl): if you’re on Pinterest, you’ve seen her tarot spreads
Liz Worth Astrology and tarot
-Carrie Mallon If you use the Wild Unknown Tarot chances are you’ve stumbled on to her site while trying to learn more
Victrix Oracle a tarot reader based in Montreal
Isabelle Laflèche author, yoga enthusiast and lover of tarot
-Beth Seilonen author and tarot deck creator
-Catharine Allan clairvoyant medium, astrologer and life coach
-Michele Andres medium and tarot deck creator
-Moira Hutchison tarot card reader and mindfulness coach


Will you be attending as well? Let me know (fill out the contact form below) so we can look out for each other!

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