How a Tarot Journal Can Bring You Closer to Your Tarot Deck

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, connecting and building a relationship with the tarot is not solely achieved by physically interacting with the cards, even if on a regular basis. A tarot deck (as much as it hurts to admit) is only a set of images on card stock.

The deck is a tool to help you draw on your intuition, and it is your self-awareness of the varied feelings and emotions coming forward as a reaction to the images in the cards.

How to start if you don’t know what you want

The secret to success is to set yourself up for small wins.

If you would like to start your first tarot journal, I suggest you start with a simple, lined notebook, with approximately 30 pages. This is your personal journal so you can decide how to use it. I suggest a small journal as your first journal because you won’t know how to grow if you don’t know how you use your journal.

  •  When you do a reading for yourself, you can use the voice record app on your phone to record your reactions. One card at a time, say the name of the card out loud, and then proceed with describing important details that stand out to you. Say out loud keywords and associated of the card. At the end, play your recording back to yourself while you write in your journal. You can transcribe what you said word-for-word, or you can freestyle and write just the keywords in doodles.
  • If are concerned about having time every day, then we can make time by dedicating just 2 minutes. Set your timer, draw one card, and start writing! What does this card mean to you (without looking at other resources!)? What symbols are most noticeable to you? What colors are you drawn to? How do you feel looking at it? Write this down, and quickly! The clock is ticking!
  • Don’t feel like writing? Try drawing or doodling. Emotions can take on different forms than words, and you feel better expressing yourself in other ways than do so!

Ok, I’ve filled filled up my 30 pages. Now what?

Hey! Great!

Now that you’ve documented some readings, you have enough experience to know what you like, and more importantly, what you need.

Flip through the pages of your journal and look for patterns. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you prefer lined pages?
    • Do you feel you would like bigger spacing (because you have big, loopy writing) or would you prefer smaller spacing?
  • Would you prefer blank pages or grid pages (both great for sketching and drawing)?
  • How big of a journal would you like?
    • Do you want multiple small notebooks? Or do you want a binder with dividers?

Once you’ve considered these, it’s time to find a journal that feels good to you!

After you’ve mastered journaling regularly

As I mentioned earlier, the real magic comes when you look back at your interpretations. Find some time regularly at least once a week to re-read your readings.

Did you do a reading for the week ahead? Go back and read your notes from the reading throughout the week. How did the messages come through in your day to day life?

Tarot Journal

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