The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning


Number: 0

Planet: Uranus

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Important Symbols:

  • The Fool is looking upwards, to the sky.
  • The cliff represents the material world, and the Fool is about to step off it.
  • The Fool’s bag holds all that he will need on his journey.
  • The Sun – Low in the sky and rising upwards.
  • The pure white rose to signify innocence.
  • The dog as companion and guide.
  • The mountains in the distance.
  • The Number 0 represents unlimited potential, with no beginning and no end. It also points to the immediate start of a new phase at the end of a new one.

About the Fool Archetype

The Fool is depicted as a young person that is light-hearted and filled with dreams. He radiates from within spontaneous energy and fluid flexibility ready to step into “The Unknown”. 

“The Unknown” refers to whatever is coming up, the near future where we don’t know what could or what happens. There are limitless possibilities and all could weight profoundly on the Fool or his/her situation.

He is ready to step out from what is a safe and familiar environment that has been nurturing and supportive and eagerly sets out into the world.

The Fool teaches us that all possibilities are open to us as long as we are open to receiving them, and the best way to fully express our inner Fool is to be present, at the moment, and consistently strive to live in the here and now.

Tarot Card Readings: What does The Fool Mean?

General Upright Interpretation

This is a card of new beginnings, and fearlessly leaping forward into the world.

This card should inspire you to break free from your habits and routine and do something spontaneous and carefree.

When this card comes up in a reading, it is encouraging you to move forward, be optimistic about what is coming, be spontaneous and enter the new upcoming phase with trust.

In order to truly benefit from what the Fool has to offer you, you need to let go of worry and fear, and have faith and believe in yourself (even when others doubt you). This also can mean you need to have a certain sense of humor about yourself and your choices. Sometimes you need to make the crazy choices, and you need to accept your choices once you made them, and laugh at yourself when needed. This is especially true if the results of your actions were the results of innocent risk-taking or spontaneity.

General Reverse Interpretation

When the card appears in a reading in the reverse position, the situation remains the same – The Fool is approaching and coming up to a new beginning or new situation. The difference is how it is being handled by The Fool.

This card is warning you that you are acting reckless, you are taking unnecessary or dangerous risks, and you are acting like a naive child with no consideration of consequences or safety.

Journaling Prompts for The Fool

  1. What new beginnings are happening in your life right now? What is ending as this begins?
  2. In what situations do you refuse to try new things?
  3. How do you deal with fear when you’re trying something new?
  4. Is there an area of your life that you make decisions and act solely based on trust?
  5. Do you feel connected with your inner child?
  6. What emotions come up for you as you start something new?
  7. What fears do you have for the future?

Special Notes: The Fool does not have a specific place in the order of the Major Arcana or the rest of the deck. His place is outside of the number system.


Additional Interpretation Prompts for The Fool

Not Using the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck?

Just because you’re not using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, doesn’t mean you can’t use the resources on this site to help you.

Take some time to look at the imagery on your card. Here are some things to consider in addition to other materials you have to help you connect with the deck you are using if your deck is different than the one featured at the top of the page.

  1. Where is The Fool looking? In which direction, what is he looking at?
  2. Where is he? What is he about to do?
  3. What is his demeanor or his mood?
  4. Is there something or someone there to serve as a warning? Or is there an element of potential danger in the card?
  5. What is the Fool holding? Why would he be holding this particular object, and why would he think that is enough for what’s ahead?


Deck Reviews from the Blog featuring the Fool

I have a blog post reviewing the Kawaii Tarot – Diana Lopez and an image of her interpretation of the Fool is featured there. Have a look!

More Learning Resources

The Fool is the first card of the Fool’s Journey, an exercise for self-reflection and development.


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