Tarot Spread – Guidance for Change

Sometimes we cannot control what happens to us, but we are always in control of how we handle ourselves during the worst of times. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, quite often, “handling ourselves” in the ideal fashion is easier said then done.

This spread has served useful when you need to step back and process the changes that are going on around you. As with all spreads, you get the most out of what the cards have to say by understanding the layered possible connections between the different card.

Tarot Spread Guidance for Change

The Positions

1. Action to take during the transition.

This card is, in my opinion, is the most important card in the spread because it offers direct empowerment immediately to the seeker.

In most cases, if you feel the need to work with this spread, you probably feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. Embrace this opportunity to identify what you can control, and how you can alleviate some of this anxiety.

If the Wheel of Fortune was drawn in this position is a reminder to be flexible and resilient. Be fluid and be willing to and be capable of going along with how events unfold. As this card is of the Major Arcana, the message in this card will probably apply to a broad spectrum of occurrences. Rather than be fluid and flexible with one or a couple of events or situations, this mindset needs to be adopted during the whole process of transitioning through change.

If the Three of Rods was the card drawn in this position, then the message would be to take action based on intuition. The suit itself, representing our ambition and our motivation driving us, adds another layer pushing us to action. Reflect and identify what it is that you feel the action is (which may be unconventional, non-traditional, or not inline with what others are telling you) and have the confidence to pursue it.

2. Where to find support.

We do not move through this world alone, and even the most independent of us need a solid resource to feel grounded and stable. Look outside of you and look to find who or what around you is already supporting you. Reinforcing this will help you feel stable and grounded.

3. Advice from Higher Guidance.

Most of us can agree in some Higher Being operating according to its own rules either may or may not affect us. Tap into your beliefs, and ask what represents Higher Guidance for you.

This will be an important message that you need to know about during this transition period.

4. What you will need to let go of.

Sometimes there are casualties in change. What will be lost or what will you let go of as a result of this change?

5.   What you will gain.

How you will benefit, and what you will learn. Might provide insight it to where you are headed as a result of the change.


To Be Successful in a reading in this Spread

  • Take action on Card 1. Make a plan, and prioritize what you need to let go in card 4.
  • Card 2: Identify what it is that is supporting you.
  • Take card 3, and find a common thread with each card. Note how your message from Higher Guidance works its way and resonates through each card.

Exploring the Connections Further…

  • Finding common ground in the cards that are drawn on positions 1 and 2 will especially powerful if they could be articulated and worded together.
  • Finding balance between in the cards that are drawn on positions 4 and 5 are incredibly important.

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