Weekly Tarot Journal Prompts

Weekly Tarot Journal Inspirations


If you want to experience true benefit from your tarot cards, the best practice is to keep a TAROT JOURNAL.

Join the mailing list that dedicated to anyone who wants to connect with and/or maintain their connection to the Tarot.


These weekly emails sent out each week with offer encouragement and inspiration for you to maintain the habits you developed while learning the cards and keep your connection to your deck strong.

Is this for beginners?

Beginners and newcomers to Tarot are very welcome to participate! But be warned! This is not a “Learn Tarot” mailing list. If you would like access to these resources, you may find some great material by clicking here.

Why should I sign up?

Because working with Tarot needs consistency. Once you’ve learned, you need to keep engaging with your deck to keep your connections strong. Journaling with your cards will help you to connect with your cards and build a relationship with your deck. Learning to read tarot is not solely achieved by physically interacting with the cards, even if on a regular basis.

A tarot deck is only a set of images on card stock. The deck of images serves as a tool to help you draw on your intuition, and you need to develop your self-awareness of the varied feelings and emotions coming forward as a reaction to the images in the cards.

The real INSIGHT comes when you look back at your interpretations, which makes a journal or a diary incredibly important!

A tarot journal will help you:

  • develop a stronger relationship with your cards,
  • understand the cycles of your life,
  • and understand the deeper personal meanings in what the cards are communicating to you.


I decided to contribute to the tarot community by offering a weekly newsletter offering new Tarot Journal prompts. I want to keep things fresh, and offer a variety of prompts to inspire deeper personal connections with tarot. – Tiffany

How will this work?

Every Sunday, Tarot Journal prompts will be delivered to your inbox. Sometimes I will send you a tarot spread, and prompts around it, other times I will send you daily draw inspirations. I will let the seasons and my cards guide me!

Choose your approach.

Follow the prompts strictly, or be picky and only journal when you are inspired. Save these emails in a special folder and save it for quite days, or lazy vacations. The choice is all yours!




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