Proven Tips For Traveling With Tarot

Travel doesn’t mean breaking your tarot routine. All you need to do is put a little bit of thought into the upcoming days and plan ahead. Here are my  proven tips for traveling with tarot.

1. Consider a smaller sized deck

There is a lot to be said for switching out your regular deck for a smaller sized deck. They weigh less and are easier to pack, especially if you are a carry-on-only kind of traveler.

A smaller deck also means versatility on surface area. You can do your readings on the best surface you can find more easily if your deck is smaller.

rider waite pocket deck

Pocket Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot (Pocket Edition)

Universal Waite Pocket Edition

Pocket Goddess Tarot


I actually like to carry my Aquarian deck with me while sight-seeing in new places – it was my first deck, and is still my primary deck of use. I take GREAT care in making sure to protect it, and while the images have faded a little from years of use, I am blessed to not have an damage on any of the cards.


2. Don’t bring your favorite deck

I know I mentioned above that I travel with my first deck, but I’d also be quick to say that if I lost it, I would be okay with it. I firmly believe that when you lose a deck, it’s because it was time for you to separate yourself from it. The sentimental importance of the Aquarian deck will always stay with me…and if I need to replace it, a new version can be easily acquired.

On the other hand, I would absolutely loose my mind if I lost a deck that was particular expensive, or of a limited edition. If you’re not okay with losing it or damaging it, don’t bring it with you.

3. Wrap your deck with carefully considered special items.

make sure everything that travels with your deck is special. This is how I travel with my deck:

  • the pouch was a gift from a very special friend
  • The stones were purchased in the Canary Islands, and are gentle reminders of my profound time there.
  • the cloth is sized big enough to lay out the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, so I am confident that I have a protective surface big enough to lay my cards down for my readings.

Think about what is important to you that you need to bring with your deck. If you have a tarot altar, take some time holding each item and consider your connection to it and if it is  practical to travel with. Trying new things could be fun here. Consider

  • small crystals well polished that won’t get damaged.
  • a cloth to protect your cards from dirty surfaces and as a boundary from the energies on the surfaces you will need to use. Dab some essential oils on the cloth to benefit from the aroma without bringing the oil with you and risking spills.
  • a mala bead necklace, rosary beads or other meditative or prayer aids.
  • pocket sized pictures, or a small piece of paper listing your goals or desires.
  • meditation affirmations, or special sayings you don’t want to forget.


4. Find a time where you have time for yourself and won’t be interrupted.

Take the time you need for reflection, and to ground yourself for your reading. The moments where you quiet your mind and focus your intention is incredibly important, and should not be neglected. If you can’t make time for this, then tarot reading would be pointless.

5. Use the tools you have to make your life easier.

You only have 5 min for a reading before you hope on a 2 hour bus ride? Snap a picture of the reading with your cell phone, turn on the record feature and verbally describe your initial reactions to the reading. Later, when you are en route and settled into your seat, pull out your journal, the image of the reading, and your headphones, and play your recording back while you take notes on what the cards communicated to you.




Do you travel with tarot? What handy tips do you have to share?

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