Can a Tarot Reading Predict My Future?

Understanding what can and cannot be done with tarot and tarot work is integral to using it as a tool to accomplish desires and goals. Using Tarot cards is most effective when the reader has a firm understanding of their own belief system, and confidence in their ability to direct their own lives.

I have never found anything more empowering that will help you to understand your place in a situation. Some people meditate, some people learn and apply the rules of warfare or chess. I like to use the tarot a prompt to focus my attention to certain areas of situations.

Question: “Can a tarot reading predict my future?”

The short answer: NO!

A tarot card reading will help you to focus your energy and point your thoughts to specific energies in your life.

Learning tarot will help you to take control and guide your life in the direction that you want it to go. Tarot spreads and tarot meditations can help you to:

  • achieve clarity in a frustrating situation.
  • inspire original thinking.
  • articulate budding ideas.

So can a tarot reading tell me my future? No, but I much prefer that a tarot reading can help me make the right choices to achieve and create the future that I want.

Let me know in the comments below; Do you read tarot? How do you use tarot as a resource and guide?


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