A Closer Look at the Easy Relationship Tarot Spread

A few months ago, I received a request from a blog reader to help them make sense of the cards they pulled using the Easy Relationship Tarot Card Spread.

The Reading

1. The Hermit Reversed
2. Seven of Swords Reversed
3. Nine of Pentacles

In their own words

Position 1: The Seeker’s Feelings

The Hermit Reversed Interpretation: Concealment, disguise, policy fear, unreasoned caution.

The self-imposed isolation is admittedly due to

  • past experiences of rejection
  • difficulty finding compatible people
  • suspicions that might be unfounded of potential partners and love interests.

Despite this though, they still want to live in truth and find trust in this relationship.

Position 2: Their Partner’s Feelings

The Seven of Swords Reversed Interpretation: excess use of intellect with little success on an outcome, to surrender, or to have little care on solving a problem.

The Seven of Swords gives some insight that the seeker’s partner may feel like that aren’t being honest.

Position 3: Effects on the Relationship

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed Interpretation: having the financial independence, having the self-reliance of personal pursuits, the ability to treat yourself with luxury, being on a stable financial plateau and steady security.

The Nine of Pentacles is what stumped the reader. How does a a card that celebrates financial independence have any influence on a relationship reading designed to give insight between two people?

Putting the 9 of Pentacles in context

The Seven of Swords gives insight on what the other person is feeling.

It’s tricky because we need to put aside how we see it an try to sympathize with the other person. So the 7 of Swords explores the idea of “coming clean”. If they were dishonest, they are realizing it now and are starting to understand what they did and what the consequences are.

And then we come full circle with the 9 of Pentacles, one of my favorite cards in the deck…but sometimes it can be a little nasty. The card explores the idea of treating yourself, and indulging in luxury. If you look at the card you will see elaborate outerwear and exotic animals. We don’t carry these possessions if we can’t afford them.

In other contexts the card reminds you that it’s okay to treat yourself, and practice some self care. But if the other cards are negative, then the card takes a more critical turn.

So for your reading, the reverse Hermit and the reverse Seven of Swords are both suggesting that you and your partner are internally dealing with issues on your own. You’re not confiding in each other, you’re not turning to each other, you’re not supporting each other. The Nine of Pentacles is saying that you are over-indulging yourselves.

Probably you are both feeling as though you are the victims…padding your egos a little too much.

So in conclusion, you need to stop the padding you’ve put around you to protect yourself, and your partner needs to resolve whatever shame ore guilt that you are using as excuses with each other.

Facebook conversation shared with permission from Facebook user.

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