Tarot Inspired Wall Art

I’m always spotting interesting home decor pieces that celebrate the artistic imagery in Tarot Cards. While cleaning my bookmarks, I realized I have saved quite the wishlist! Here are some favorites that I’ve collected to help you bring your favorite Major Arcana tarot cards into your favorite spaces.

Framed Major Arcana Tarot Card Images

The Magician

Channel your focus by placing the Magician in a prominent space where you like to work or study.

The Emperor

The Emperor will help you thrive as you set limits, establish a routine and be mindful of your choices and behavior.

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The Empress

The Empress is deeply connected with Mother Earth and the source of life. She is nurturing and fertile and is wild source of creation. The Empress is the feminine and all things that invoke feminine feelings. She is beauty, sensuality, and creative expression. The Tarot depicts her with things that will trigger your senses: rich garments that would feel silky smooth or textured by the touch, fragrant plants or flowers, or maybe even ripe fruits. 

Framed Empress Tea-Stained Print

A Classy version of the Empress dominating on her throne.

The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit is a solitary figure or individual and isolated by choice. They have separated themselves from society in order to reflect inwards by choice.

The Hermit pulls away from other people is to seek solitude and find inner strength. This is because the only way to complete the inner search is to do it alone. Do you have a space in your home that’s feels safe enough for you to embrace your inner Hermit?

The Moon

Hang this image of the Moon up near your dream journal to help you see past the illusion and uncover the deeper messages.

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