Tarot Card Boxes to Store Your Special Tarot Decks

Have you ever considered using a tarot card box to store your favorite or treasured decks?

Tarot card boxes can be excellent solutions for keeping your cards clean and dry when not in use. We’ve used storage bins to store our cards in the past, but using a decorated box makes our decks feel more like treasured objects.

Scroll down to explore some of our favorite tarot card boxes to store your tarot cards.

Mother Goddess Tarot Box

Celebrate your love of Tarot and your connection to the Mother Goddess with this handmade engraved box, big enough to store standard tarot card decks.

Engraved Tarot Box

Product Details
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 2″
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Wooden Tarot Box

The detailing on the top of this box is gilded and celebrates (what else?) a love of Tarot. The inside bottom of the box is lined with a lovely red felt on the inside to help protect your tarot cards.

Product Details
Material: Wood
Dimensions: length – 15 cm (5,90 inches) ; width – 10 cm (3,94 inches) ; height – 5 cm (1,97 inches)
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Flower and Vines Tarot Card Box

Flowers and floral patterns are popular symbols usered in Tarot Cards. Vines and blossoms serve as boarders or featured in cards like the Death Card.

Product Details
Material: Wood
Measurements: 6″ x 4″ hand carved wooden box 

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Tarot Box – Lazer-cut cover

The cut-outs on the cover are so elegant and is a wonderful option to home your tarot cards or special keepsakes

Product Details
Material: Wood
Dimensions: Length: 5 1/2 Inches; Width: 4 1/2 Inches; Height: 1 1/4 Inches
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Suit of Pentacles Tarot Box

The suit of Pentacles represents the physical representations in our lives. The cards in this suit explore physical security and financial stability & wealth.

This suit is also connected with the element of Earth, so using symbols and representations of the Earth will provide more meaning and deeper connection.

This beautiful box is lined with velvet to offer additional protection for storing your cards or precious stones without damage.

Product Details
Material: Wood
Dimensions: Length: 7 Inches; Width: 5 Inches
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Tarot Card Boxes to Store Your Special Tarot Decks
A selection of tarot card boxes to store your favorite and precious tarot cards.
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