Q&A Series: Learn Tarot, Where to Begin?

The best part of this video is the cameo of my dog chilling behind me the entire time.

How I first got started

Getting started with Tarot before the internet was difficult. Readers would keep their information resources secret as the topic was taboo. I explain what it was like finding Tarot decks and learning materials before the age of Amazon and Etsy.

My Recommendations on what your first deck should be

I know, you’re going to do what you want to do.

Live your best life.

But I will impose my opinion on you for this very important recommendation: I strongly recommend the Rider-Waite Tarot deck if you’re serious about starting to read Tarot.

Once you master the system, you’ll be a pro at using any deck based off of the same “template”. In the above video I illustrate my point by comparing the Wild Unknown with the RWS deck side by side.

Video Notes:

Tarot Decks described

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