March 4 | March Tarot Challenge

For every day of the month of March, we will draw one card to help us reflect and direct our thoughts for that day. 

Card 4: What do I need to keep / Why

The Hanged Man

Oh, this is a good one. 

The connection of the card to the message isn’t obvious and it isn’t coming to me right away so we’re going to have to settle in for this one. 

Here’s how. 

The Major Arcana cards are packed with symbolism. I like to relax my eyes, gaze at the image, and see where my focus settles. 

There is a lot to notice here, and layers of meaning are just waiting to be called out and discovered. These include but are not limited to:

  • The hanged man is positioned upside down, secured on a wooden cross
  • they are secured specifically by their left ankle
  • designs on their shirt pointing to their root chakra
  • some depictions have a halo (mine doesn’t)

My “eye” saw all of these but settled on the calm expression on their face. 

Despite the fact that they might be physically uncomfortable,  strained, literally upside-down, their expression reflects pure calm and serenity.

know that when I’m uncomfortable, it definitely shows in my face – I can’t help it. I’ve learned coping methods in the past that help me relax, de-stress, and I know that it’s working because I can feel the muscles in my face relax. 

This is how I connect the meaning of the reading “What do I need to keep” with the Hanged Man.  

The Hanged Man is reminding me that I need to keep what I’ve learned recently to help me de-stress. I need to pay specific attention to the feeling of release of tension in my face. 

Not at all coincidentally that I recently saved and have been going back to 2 tiktok videos that show facial massages for debuffing and relaxation. Here’s one to check out.
I noted recently that once you do it a few times, it feels meditative and I started looking forward to it. A suspended moment in my day where I’m focused just on me and I come out relaxed and kinda sore from my muscles being so tight. 

I see the connection now!