March 3 | March Tarot Challenge

For every day of the month of March, we will draw one card to help us reflect and direct our thoughts for that day. 

Card 3: What’s my strength / How to use
Page of Cups

The Page of Cups presents opportunities for love. Because they act lovingly, they create opportunities for you to also experience and open yourself up to new or powerful emotions. We’re not just talking about romantic love, but a chance to open up your heart and have it filled in return.

These opportunities might seem to come out of nowhere, but the world seems to blossom up in front of you.

It’s not easy being vulnerable for some people, but it’s easy for you…but do you really know how you are doing it? 

  • Think back to a time and imagine a problem that you were trying to solve. The problem was so hard or stressful it made your head hurt. You stop thinking and the answer came to you. How do you think this happened? 
  • Think back to when you young, to a time from before you started going to school as a child. Try to remember a particularly happy moment. What made it so pleasurable?