March 2 | March Tarot Challenge

For every day of the month of March, we will draw one card to help us reflect and direct our thoughts for that day. 

Card 2: What do I need to learn/ Why

Ten of Rods

You have taken on too much, and the strain is taking its toll on you.Our farmer is holding ten rods in his arms, and even though he has a firm grasp, he is tired. He’s not looking forward in the direction that he is going. Instead, his face is buried in the stems of the Rods in defeat.How much longer can he go on like this? Will he make it to his destination successfully? Of course! Our farmer knows that relief is coming soon. He just needs to bear down and push through just a little while longer. The lesson from the number 10 is that the cycle is almost complete, we are so close to achieving what we set out to do. 

What have you been working towards that’s near completion?Are you starting to get discouraged? It’s okay if you are. This card is here to remind you that your hard work will soon be over, and your task will be complete, just hold on a little while longer.