March 1 | March Tarot Challenge

For every day of the month of March, we will draw one card to help us reflect and direct our thoughts for that day. 

Card 1: This Month’s Mantra / Why

Three of Cups

This card shows happy people, raising their cups in celebration of community and friendship. 

Keywords: Celebrations, parties, reunions, indulgence, festivities, gatherings. 

Usually, when I look at this card I am usually focusing on the detailed clothing of our celebrators, but this time I can stop looking at the gigantic flower behind them. It takes up a lot of space on the card but I feel like I’m noticing it for the first time today. 

This flower is a lotus blossom, with petals and leaves wide open to receive the warmth of the sun, and roots reaching deep into river water.

This flower is actually quite sacred, representing spiritual awakening and connection with the divine. 

We’ve been keeping to ourselves, readjusting to the new reality we live in, but the Three of Cups reminds us that we need to find a way to reconnect with our community. 

Doing so will rejuvenate us, and will soothe our souls. 

We need to be creative, and the answer isn’t to look for a novel new way. The answer is to take a closer look and look at what’s been there all along, quietly unnoticed, like the distracting, big yellow flower. 

  • What would a celebration look like right now, where you live, respecting local restrictions?
  • What’s a treat you will want to have to help you celebrate?