Invisible Light Tarot Deck Review

Invisible Light Tarot Deck

Artist: Brandy Eve Allen click here to purchase The Invisible Light Tarot Deck

Creative style: Each card is a photograph taken to capture the essence of each card with an infrared camara to pick up light that is invisible to the naked human eye.

Deck Structure: 78 Cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana Cards. ** Major Arcana based off of the Rider-Waite-Smith system. The Minor Arcana is more abstract and requires some work build connection understanding by the reader.

Minor Arcana Suits: Fire, Air, Earth and Water

Cardstock: the cards are printed on matte 350GSM paper and features silver foil edges

Dimensions: cards measure 3.5 inches by 5 inches

The Invisible Light Tarot Deck is now available to own on Etsy! Click here for more info!

Brandy Eve Allen, the creator of the Invisible Light Tarot Deck,  is an established photographer who used infrared films to show us light that is not visible to the human eye. Visually, she taps into the metaphor that the tarot reveals hidden mysteries and secrets, and exposed the mystery that we are not privy to as we move about our day and our lives.

If you like to use the tarot as a visualization tool than this is the deck for you.

The deck follows the traditional structure of 78 cards, but replaces the names of the suits with the elements instead. Each image was carefully selected to correspond with the Rider-Waite-Smith system, but it is presented in a very new way. This way, the suit, and associations are communicated through color.

The Sun is dark and very different from traditional depictions of a bright yellow sphere. But looking at the card inspires a sensation of warmth of the sun on your skin.

The light treatment allows us to look right into The Hermit‘s tent, straight through what is giving him her a sense of isolation or privacy. What I love is the thought process I go through when looking at these cards. Whenever I write reviews The Hermit is always one of the first cards I gravitate to look at to see how the image makes me feel. At first, I thought, we are invading his or her private solitude and I felt a little uncomfortable looking in. But then I automatically reoriented myself and pictured myself as the figure. It made me feel that solitude can be found anywhere, and I control when and where and how I create a safe space for quiet, solitary reflection.

The Kickstarter campaign was successful and the deck is now available to purchase online. These images have, in my opinion, successfully achieved the raw meaning and emotion behind the traditional RWS tarot meanings, and communicated them in a new, honest and human way.

Have you had a chance to explore this deck? Let me know in the comments below!