The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician


Number: 1

Planet: Mercury

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Masculine principal

Important Symbols:

  • His staff is raised upwards with his right hand, and his left hand points to earth. He does this because he acts as a bridge from the spiritual plane to the physical plane we live in.
  • Symbols of eternity: The sideways eight above his head, and the snake eating his tail around his waist.
  • His alter has representations of all four Major Arcana suits to show he has mastered them all.
  • Duality: roses with thorns and pure white lilies.

The Number 1

Interpretation prompts for the Magician

This card is about focus and taking action. You know what needs to be done. DO IT. Use your talents to carry out your plans. These results are “magical” to others because they do not have your unique skill set, and cannot do what you do.

This card urges you to make sure you know what your motivations are and that you truly understand your intentions. Your focus on your goal should feel centered, without distractions, and you should feel completely committed.




Special Notes: