The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning


Number: 0

Planet: Uranus

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Important Symbols:

  • The Fool is looking upwards, to the sky
  • The cliff represents the material world, and the Fool is about to step off it
  • The Fool’s bag holds all that he will need in his journey
  • The Sun – Low in the sky and rising upwards
  • The pure white rose to signify innocence.
  • The dog as companion and guide
  • The mountains in the distance
  • The Number 0

Interpretation prompts for the Fool:

This is a card of new beginnings, and fearlessly leaping forward into the unknown.

This card should inspire you to break from your habits and routine and do something spontaneous and carefree.

In order to truly benefit from what the Fool has to offer you, you need to let go of worry and fear, and have faith and believe in yourself (even when others doubt you). You also need to have a certain sense of humor: you need to make the crazy choices sometimes, and you need to accept your choices once you made them, and laugh at yourself when needed.


Special Notes: The Fool does not have a specific place in the order of the Major Arcana or the rest of the deck. His place is outside of the number system.