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3 Tarot Decks to Watch – September Edition

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Monthly review of three unique artists expressing themselves through Tarot, or anticipated Tarot deck releases.

  1. Ghetto Tarot –Alice Smeets


The cards are a photo project set in the Haitian Ghetto, and are inspired by the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. You will be taken aback and pleasantly surprised by in the light shining through these portraits.

XIX the Sun – The young boy’s smiles shines brighter than the actual sun on it’s best days. This card is an excellent meditation and reflection tool.

XII Death  – A beautiful window into the imagery and symbolism of Haitian Voodoo.

The Nine of Swords is devastating. My emotional response to this card is profound. I am flooded with sorrow and I just want to hug and comfort that young woman.

Watch the video featuring the Haitian ghetto behind these inspiring images, and check out the Indiegogo page where you can purchase the deck and the accompanying book.



2. Starlight Dragon Tarot – Steph Engert and Nora Huszka


The ultimate dragon-themed tarot for the seasoned Tarot reader. The cards are set in a square format, with elemental rings on the card corners. Elemental symbols, planet and zodiac signs are printed on the cards. There are no borders, no labels, and the court cards are identified through their elements only. This is not a deck for beginners. A strong understanding of elemental, astrology, numerology, and the composition of a Tarot deck is needed.

The deck creators tell the story behind the deck here, & their Indigogo campaign was a smashing success. Deliveries should be going out shortly.



3. The Riderless Tarot – Horse Art by Nakisha VanderHoeven


If horses are your thing, then I found the deck for you! The Riderless Tarot features watercolor horses illustrations instead of humans in this Rider-Smith-Waite inspired deck.

Some of these representations are clever, while others are a little less (in my opinion).

A really nice video shows off the different cards. Look out for this deck to be available next month!

Do you have a deck you would like to see featured? Let me in the comments below!