Can a Tarot Reading Predict My Future?

Understanding what can and cannot be done with tarot and tarot work is integral to using it as a tool to accomplish desires and goals. Using Tarot cards is most effective when the reader has a firm understanding of their own belief system, and confidence in their ability to direct their own lives.

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Galaxy Tarot App Review

Available only on Android, The Galaxy Tarot App is probably the best tarot app I’ve every tried. The icon is discreet on my phone screen home menu.


The free version is more than enough for reviewing the card meanings on the go. While I would never trust an app with an interpretation, it does all the legwork for you. Options allow you to include or ignore reversals, or only Major Arcana Cards.

There are some popular spreads to choose from, some free but most paid. So the app will give you a description of the spread and its positions. When you choose to do a reading, it will give you a through description of the card and the position meaning in the reading. The interpretation and connections and associations aren’t provided, understandably, and this is left to the reader. Once you have selected your spread, you have the option of selecting the cards or “shuffling” the cards and choosing them randomly. You can choose how many times to shuffle, and how many times to cut the deck once you decide to draw.

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